Developement & Issues

Issues/Bug Tracker

If you find any issues/bugs, please report these to the jme bug trackker on github.

Please provide code/a testpage, if possible.


Please use the official jQuery Forum: 'Using jQuery Plugins' and tag your post with [jme].

Fork the jme-repository

The jme-repository is on github and therefore easy to fork and contribute to. Feel free to make jme better.

Roadmap for next version

  • find and fix as many bugs as possible
  • provide a11y-extension(s) (subtitles/timed tracks) to be 100% WAI-WCAG 2.0 conform done
  • maybee implement preload-attribute feature in browsers that do load full media data (if not fixed in next version of webkit) (but: vote this bug!)
  • simple documentation for extending plugin-support, API and controls (behavior-classes)

Roadmap for next versions

  • provide a better workaround in the fullscreen-plugin for the Firefox-Flash-Reframe bug (this workaround will be nice) (it's nice :-) thanks to Till Reitemeyer)
  • provide an embed this plugin
  • provide a cutdown, lightweight version version jQuery UI's slider/progressbar widgets (but fully compatible)
  • maybe better OGG-Support (cortado and/or highgate media suite, depends on WebM/VP8 adoption by Adobe)