jMediaelement - not only just another html5 audio / video player

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jme is an HTML5 audio / video development kit with Flash Fallback, which focuses on flexibility, intuitive DOM-API and semantic code.

  • not only just another html5 audio / video player
  • a media developement kit / media libary for jQuery
  • based on HTML5 media elements and Flash (JW Player) as "backend"
  • CSS stylable and accessible controls as flexible building blocks
  • an unified API, that works like jQuerified DOM-Scripting
  • trying to better integrate Flash and other Plugins into the HTML-/DOM-World, instead of bashing them
  • making HTML5 media elements an "intrinsic part of the web", also in older browsers
  • WAI-ARIA enhanced controls
  • hooks to extend API, controls and plugin support
  • cross-browser, cross-plugin and cross-device support
  • plays ogg (theora/vorbis), mp4/mov (h.264), WebM (VP8/vorbis), flv, youtube videos and some more
  • works not only on iPad, but also on Internet Explorer
  • easy and intuitive to embed, style and script
  • integrated in the jQuery and jQuery UI World
  • jQuery UI Themeable
  • Find something $('#stage video');
  • Do something $('#stage video').play();
  • Listen to something $('#stage video').bind('play', fn);
  • HTML5 Buzz - compatible